Established in 2015, the ICAEF is a new-generation organisation dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence. With an aim to advance the development of a new paradigm of premium education, and the fusion of traditional Chinese principles and modern Western systems in the contemporary global setting. Founded and led by distinguished international experienced and innovative educators from the Hong Kong and the UK, ICAEF seeks to be part of the intellectual growth of the young generation as they develop into all-rounded citizens. ICAEF also aims to revitalise and globalise traditional Chinese culture to cope with Hong Kong and Greater China’s ascendancy on the global stage.


ICAEF’s projects include building and operating schools and institutions inspired by Oxbridge and Chinese academics (書院), scholastic think-tanks, as well as conducting high-level academic research that integrates traditional academic wisdom with established global educational perspectives and methodologies into a new holistic paradigm.


ICAEF works with its Strategic Development Manager on educational research, institutional establishment, development and management. Besides building an innovative environment, ICAEF also aims to bring positive social changes to society by leading local and international projects to facilitate global cultural exchanges by partnering with international institutions, such as Oxford University’s departments and colleges and the Confucius Hall of Hong Kong, in developing new schools, such as Chinese Academy (School Registration is still in progress). ICAEF has commenced significant annual donations to establish scholarships at these related education institutions.


The Chinese name of ICAEF, Jìn Dé (晉德), represents the Foundation’s commitment to and perseverance for the best education.  The Chinese word “Jìn” is one of the 64 archetypes from the ancient Chinese classic Yìjīng. With the meaning of “progress”, “Jìn” symbolizes individuals who excel with their intelligence, wisdom and talents. The word “Dé”, literally meaning “virtues”, comes from the saying “The virtuous bears duties onerous” in the Yìjīng, to indicate that persons (gentlemen 君子) who are virtuous, broad-minded and knowledgeable are trusted with major responsibilities. “Jìn” and “Dé” are our goals for the remarkable young leaders of the future.

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