Message from the Founder(s)


The more defined problem with education institutions nowadays in our society is actually not that they work poorly, it is that they often work too well at doing some of the wrong things. Typically too busy with formalities, students easily miss out on actual learning. Education is unlike an industrial manufacturing process, it is closer to organic farming, and in farming, crops have different needs at different times to produce the greatest yields.


Determined to bring about positive educational and in turn social changes, our Foundation, International Chinese Academy Education Foundation (or the "ICA"), comprised by a team of experienced international educators, is dedicated to re-normalising quality education and revitalising traditional culture, values and philosophies with Chinese and global perspectives. This is achieved by establishing, building and managing scholastic research units, museums and archives, academic exchange centres and conferences, university admission advisories and institutions of kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. Our works embrace the challenge of treating students as individuals, not as factory-made widgets. We promote creativity throughout the whole person development process.


Our institutes, centres, research and school projects will offer a cross-cultural understanding and learning experience that organically fuses not only the two great academic traditions from China and the West, but also modernity and traditions. They are multi-cultural, non-religious and self-sustainable entities that employ Chinese and global education philosophies, traditional wisdom and virtues as primary references, with emphasis on international academic excellence, leadership, and thinking skills, where individuals of different age, nationalities and social background are encouraged, empowered, inspired and passionately fall in love with learning.


We build a stimulating and nurturing learning environment, fostering talented young people to become unique and creative individuals. Our works enable young citizens to adapt with confidence, resilience and resourcefulness. There is an expectation of intellectual rigour and, hence, we also work in close partnerships with top international education institutes and universities, such as colleges of Cambridge, HKU and Oxford, as well as scholars and graduates of these institutions in high-level educational research and curriculum development.


We view education as a holistic process: through academic studies, spiritual and physical education, to become a better person intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually. We recognise the vital interdependence of all of these aspects of development, within each student and the community as a whole.


We value cross-curricula educational progression; which is more relevant to people’s lives as they can reflect on their interests and promote enjoyment. We understand the value of education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think. Therefore, we aim at instilling a culture of inspiration in youngsters; a culture of accomplishment and adapting to the ever-changing world. It is our commitment to unlock potential inside every individual, by creating optimum conditions for students’ development, based on compassion, experience, and practical wisdom. Above all, it is about making sure individuals become lifelong learners.


With the full-scale support from leaders of the local as well as global communities, including global academics, educators, leaders of different sectors and authorities, I had much pleasure in establishing ICA alongside its group of institutional affiliates with a very capable and esteemed international team of colleagues, teachers and managers. Together, we have decided to take up the baton and work for better education. To see so many youngsters having the opportunity to shine gives us a tremendous sense of satisfaction.




The Founders 



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