Our Philosophy


All education institutions, schools, kindergartens, think-tanks and research units under ICA’s umbrella will be an open platform of academic and intellectual exchanges where students, scholars, academics and citizens are encouraged, empowered, challenged, inspired, sharpened and embraced and passionately fall in love with learning. 


Everyone is motivated to learn passionately, intensely, intellectually, with joy and exuberance. To achieve this target, we commit ourselves and all our efforts to the implementation of the best education and the grooming of future global citizens and leaders.



We build a community of talented, motivated and gifted young learners.


We provide quality early childhood, primary and secondary education, with our academic and educational background and know-how.


We build a stimulating and nurturing learning environment, fostering talented children to become unique and creative individuals.


We enable students to adapt with confidence, resilience and resourcefulness and guide them joyfully, stress-free and interestingly.


We inspire every student to imagine, achieve and become a lifelong learner, under a sage and fun environment, surrounded by world’s top academic achievers, academics and dedicated educators.


We differentiate ourselves by our self-earned academic excellence and access to world’s top academic institutions, such as Cambridge and Oxford.

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