Capital Contribution Programme


In Hong Kong -


Chinese Academy

77 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

(With Primary & Secondary Sections)


Nomination Certificate


Established and managed by International Chinese Academy Education Foundation in Hong Kong in 2017, Chinese Academy (“CA”) is a private G12 school with Grade 1 to 12 that does not receive any capital grant, operating funds or financial supports from the governments, and the Capital Contribution Programme is established by issuance of Annual Capital Levy and Nomination Certificate, which is an optional and voluntary Capital Note, to help contribute in financing construction, maintenance, replacement and enhancement of campus facilities, facilities and equipments and general schools learning environment development, including also curriculum development, teaching methodologies and ongoing trainings, international academic collaborations and research, study outreach programmes, enrichment and acceleration programmes, e-learning facilities as well as scholarships and sponsorships.


Chinese Academy is a registered private school in Hong Kong endorsed by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and approved by relevant government authorities. It is co-established and sponsored by Confucius Hall of Hong Kong, which has been dedicated cultural and educational efforts to the promulgation of Chinese culture and Confucius philosophies in its non-religious, non-political and pertly academic sense.


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